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False Eyelash Applicator Tweezers Stainless Steel 2 Colors


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1 . 【wear on false eyelashes】
a、Put index finger and thumb on the clip middle wide part;
b、False eyelashes along the front end of the tweezers radian,fixed on the clamp, then daub eyelash glue on the roots of eyelashes;;
c、Paste the false eyelash into their eyelash root。

2 . 【take off false eyelashes】
a、take off false eyelashes;
b、Clip piece clamped false eyelashes end, it will pry primary eyelashes and gently, then slowly detach。

3 . 【Notice】
a、Make the applicator clamp as close as possible to the root of false eyelash;
b、Don't make the applicator close tightly to the root of eyelash to prevent maing glue on it!

 Size:10.8*1.8 cm

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